MCS Legal Notices

School official responsible for publication of notices:

Randy Self, Director of Operations


A new chapter for publication of notices was added in the recent legislative session that allows for electronic publication on a political subdivision's website. (IC 5-3-5). When required to publish notice in a newspaper two (2) or more times, the first publication must still be published in a newspaper, but now all subsequent notices may be published to the website.

The notice must stay on the website for at least seven (7) days after the last required date of publication. A printed copy of the notice published on the website must be created that states the date of publication on the first day that the legal notice is published on the web site and archived for verification purposes.

The political subdivision must designate an "official web site" and designate an official of the political subdivision to be responsible for electronic publications. The official's name and contact information must be posted on the website.

The notice must be easily accessible and identifiable on the website.